The Purpose of Grants:

Funding is offered by government and private corporations to help them fulfil their strategic policies, objectives and aims. When your project aligns with these aims and goals then you are more likely to be successful with funding. Grants are part of a bigger picture so ensure you consider the purpose of the funding program before you apply.

What Are Grants For?

Grants are generally provided for projects, with a beginning and end, rather than to just run your organisation. Grants are available for a broad range of activities with a business or community focus.

What Support Is Offered?

There are several potential sources of support on your grant journey. For starters you should read the Grants Explained page on this site.

There may be people in your organisation or extended networks that have experience applying for grants. How successful their applications have been isn’t so important, their experiences may provide you with some valuable insights and advice.

To get professional help with grant funding strategies, application writing and grant management, refer to the Grant Writers page on this website.

When writing an application, supporting evidence is crucial, particularly for larger grants. Please refer to the Supporting Evidence section on the Grants Explained page on this website.

For more information on Council grants and supports, visit Sunshine Coast Council and Noosa Council’s grants webpage by clicking on your council’s logo on this page.

If your project is significant to the development and liveability of our region, or you are applying for a state or federal government grant, contact RDA Sunshine Coast via the details at the bottom of this page.

Last but not least, larger grant applications or those that specify it, will be elevated with letters of support from other project stakeholders, your local member, council, RDA and potentially other organisations.

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Noosa Council